The Importance of Your Ecommerce Website Presentation

The importance of your ecommerce site is just as important as the products you sell and the service you provide. For the online merchant, your website is like a first impression. No matter how valuable your product, the way it’s displayed will be the initial focus for consumers. If a customer exits your site before even getting a chance to view your products and or services, they will never even know what they’ve missed. There are some key things to pay attention to in order to ensure that your website invite consumers to purchase rather than drives them off of your site. 

Poor Navigation

A prime example of a customer exiting a site due to inconvenience in poor navigation. If there is cluttered information and no clear path directing a consumer to what they’re looking for, they will likely go someplace else that will not take up so much of their time. The online shopper is looking for convenience and efficiency. They are looking to open up their device and make a purchase without the hassle of getting in the car and driving to a retail store to search the isles for the desired product. They are also looking to make the purchase without having to take time searching through your online store. A simple solution to this is making sure you have a clear form of searching for a product. Whether its a search bar or a link to filter down products, the search navigation should be obvious and easy to understand. In addition, your site should be clean and simple in general. Clutter will only overwhelm someone looking for a convenient shopping experience.


Another factor that contributes to a site’s lack of clear convenience is an overwhelming amount of animation or music. Like most things, trends come and go, and it may have been a popular feature for websites to have 20 years ago. However, these days having an abundance of animation on your site is not something that will benefit you. Music or video that plays as soon as someone enters your site will distract the consumer and will sometimes result in them closing out of your site. As an alternative option, you may want to provide a link to a video or a “play” button to give the option to play music on your site. That way, the effect of the animation/audio is still effective without the overwhelming effect of it being the first thing a consumer experiences. 

Slow load time

The amount of time it takes for your website to fully load can make or break a potential sale. It can be very frustrating watching a screen load slowly or not at all, especially when you are looking to make a quick purchase. To avoid this, make sure there is not too much on each page needing to load. Animations and videos will likely slow down the page load process. Also, make sure your hosting service is up to the task. Complaints of a page not loading could be detrimental to business and is worth paying attention to. 

Disabled products

Have you ever seen an ad for a specific product, clicked the link, and gotten that dreaded 404 error page? The same can happen with the google search of specific product. This dead page is something that can immediately end the possibility of a sale. It also cheapens the look and feel of your website, as pages are seemingly broken or unavailable. These pages occur when a product page is disabled because it has gone out of stock. You can resolve such an issue by implementing a module to redirect consumers to a page with similar products, thus perpetuating the possibility of a sale. 

The Disabled Products Module

Created by Web Solutions NYC, the Disabled Products Module was created to make this page redirect easy and simple for online merchants to achieve. With the Disabled Products Module installed, customers will be able to see a grid of products that are in-stock and available for purchase on site when they attempt to access a product that is no longer on the site. This gives you a greater likelihood to convert the sale.

Features of the module include:

  • Customize replacement products for any disabled item.

  • Customize messaging and page title.

  • Add a 404 page in place of products if wanted.

  • Add up-sells and add-on products to the page.

Web Solutions NYC is a group of Magento certified developers who work exclusively with Magento. They built this module with the hopes to seamlessly integrate with the Magento platform to create a solution for those disabled product page issues. Contact Web Solutions NYC by clicking HERE to discuss how this module can help your business to succeed!

Melissa Mannino