Coupon Code Module

The world of ecommerce is becoming more and more competitive with the advancement of technology and the numerous new tactics used to pull in buyers. There are countless ways to make sure you stay on top and appeal to consumers above your competition. One of the simplest yet most effective of these tactics is the coupon code. What makes the coupon discount so appealing to potential customers? The feeling of saving money with the click of a button without really having to do much to earn it helps consumers validate their spending choices. It often also helps consumers who are unsure about where to make their purchases decide to go with the discounted option.

The Many Benefits of Utilizing Coupon Codes

  • Higher customer acquisition

Word of mouth is the best friend of a business trying to get its name out there. Of course, marketing goes a long way, but getting people talking about your business in a positive light is priceless. When you have a satisfied customer excited about the coupons and discounts they were able to use in your online store, they will most likely spread the word. This means new customers who will hopefully react in the same way.

  • Better conversions

There are many times when customers are interested in your products, browse your site, and may even add some things to the shopping cart, but then unfortunately exit without completing the purchase. This is usually due to doubts about spending money. With coupon discounts available, abandoned carts will be far less common and less likely. 

  • Meet sales and revenue goals

Although you will be charging less money per sale by offering a coupon discount, more sales mean that you as a company will mean your sales and revenue goals. If all goes well, that money that was lost by giving a discount will be made up for by an increase in sales, and numbers will be great all around.

  • Showcase your products or services

Coupons can be displayed and advertised for in places other than directly on your ecommerce site, and when they are, you products and services will be displayed as well. Nothing catches the online shoppers eye like an ad for a coupon, and along with it will be your brand and your product.

  • Capture customer data and contact details

The idea of distributing a coupon to those shoppers who enter their contact information into your site is a great idea because you will then have their email, address, etc for further promotions. They will continue to receive notifications about discounts and specials within your store, hopefully bringing them back as a customer as often as possible.

  • Incentivize customer behaviors

The coupon which is activated when a customer completes a certain task is one that works for everyone. For example, if a customer receives a percentage off of their purchase if they spend over a certain amount, they are much more likely to do so. The same goes for coupons that are activated if a customer shares it with a friend. They customer gets a discount, and you get a potential new customer- everyone benefits. 

The Coupon Link Module

Created by Web Solutions NYC, The Coupon Link Module for Magento has been built to help online merchants utilize the benefits of distributing coupon codes to their fullest potential. The module allows you to create URL links that will automatically add a coupon code for your customer to the shopping cart. This module is beneficial for marketing campaigns, targeted promotional emails, blog posts, social media and affiliate marketing. As with most things Magento, this module allows for optional specific requirement rules to be customized for coupon activation by the back end. These rules will not be visible to the customer. They will receive the URL via promotional means, and the discount will activate once the chosen conditions have been met. 

This module could be utilized to launch contests, giveaways, or “share with a friend” promotions, among much more. Features of this module include:

  • Support for conditional cart rules. 

  • Supports one-time use codes.

  • Supports "Share with a friend" codes.

  • Supports price threshold to receive discount. 

  • Promotional Use Cases:

  • Affiliate marketing on blogs and social media

  • Timed promotions

  • Share with a friend promotions

  • One-time use only

  • Buy one, get one free/half-off

  • Free shipping with or without a threshold

Getting in Touch to Learn More

Get in touch with Web Solutions NYC to learn more about this module and how we can help you to utilize it to the best of its ability. Web Solutions NYC is made up of a team of expert developers who work only with Magento. Click HERE to get in touch and begin utilizing or modules today!

Melissa Mannino