COSMOPROF NA 2019- Speaking on Ecommerce

On July 29th, 2019 Web Solutions NYC had the opportunity to speak at the Cosmoprof NA Expo in Las Vegas to an audience of vendors and merchants within the cosmetics industry. It was a great experience to share our knowledge of ecommerce and web design at such an event. Cosmoprof NA has been a place for members of the cosmetics industry to come together and collaborate for over 18 years. It is the leading B2B beauty exhibition in the Americas, and is known for fostering valuable connections between members of the industry. 

Our CEO, Yitz Lieblich, was invited to speak on a panel made up of the most knowledgeable members of the ecommerce/beauty industries. Here, he shared his knowledge of the importance of having an online presence for a company, as well as how to succeed in selling and marketing products online. Formatted as a “question and answer” talk, members of the audience were able to gain insight on some of the most pressing questions about ecommerce. They also had the opportunity to ask their own questions towards the end of the talk, which was helpful to many. 

Connections continued to be made on the expo floor, as Web Solutions NYC discussed the benefits of utilizing a quality ecommerce platform- such as Magento, and a dependable development agency with the members of the cosmetics industry. Innovative cosmetic technologies and unique products were being displayed by merchants everywhere, but with this being the expertise of most people on the show floor, there was a need for someone to bring the knowledge of ecommerce to the conversations being had. 

During the convention, Magento and Web Solutions NYC banded together to host an event which brought together the members of the cosmetics industry with those of the ecommerce industry for a night of fun and knowledgeable discussions. At Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium, a cocktail hour was held for all people interested in learning more about Magento and ecommerce in general. Connections made at this event will surely continue to strengthen as we work together to provide beauty merchants with the tools they need to succeed in ecommerce.

It seemed that there was a need for the importance of ecommerce to be spoken about here, as many people were grateful for such information. There were a lot of connections made that will surely be beneficial for all parties involved. Web Solutions NYC has been in the business of developing Magento ecommerce sites for over a decade now, and we are always up for the task of sharing our knowledge with others. Aside from our unparalleled knowledge of the platform, Web Solutions NYC prides itself on being an agency made up of only Magento-certified developers who go through a rigorous training and up-keeping process to ensure we are at the top of our game at all times. 

We’d love to share our knowledge of ecommerce with you as well and help you to develop an online presence that is exactly what you want it to be. Creating a quality experience for customers shopping via your online store is so important, and your business deserves the best when developing your ecommerce site. Get in touch today by clicking HERE, and learn more about what Web Solutions NYC can do for your company.

Melissa Mannino