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Avoiding Abandoned Carts on Your B2B ecommerce website

Studies show that an average of 70-96% of visitors who leave your site will not return. This alarming statistic leaves us with the question of why people are leaving in the first place. There are many reasons why users decide to click off of your B2B ecommerce site no matter how great the product you sell may be. It’s important to pay attention to the current ecommerce trend in the B2B market to determine how you can use this knowledge to better your own site. When it comes to user experience and design, the wants of a B2B buyers aren’t much different from the wants of a B2C buyer. Online shoppers have chosen to shop online rather than in a physical store because it is quicker and more convenient. This need for convenience is continued throughout a shopper’s online journey. Buyers want a clean and navigable design so that they can easily find your product and make a purchase without having to click around for too long. As a solution, it’s a good idea to have a single navigation menu

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B2B vs B2C ecommerce – What Consumers Expect from b2b ecommerce

B2B and B2C eCommerce have similarities as well as differences that you would not expect, and when building out your ecommerce site for B2B, it’s important to be aware of both. If you’re new to the B2B space, you should research the B2B market as well as what functionalities your competitors are using on their ecommerce sites to reel in buyers. You should get onto an ecommerce platform which has robust B2B capabilities to ensure that your buyers have the best user experience possible. Assuming that your competition is still operating with legacy platforms can be a huge mistake. Merchants everywhere are increasingly adopting the best and most advanced technology revamping their entire business. For example, B2B merchants like Grainger, Fisher Scientific, Pasternack, and Haas Automation have completely changed the game for their competition by leveraging technology to drive B2C- like experience in B2B ecommerce. B2B buyers these days are expecting the same user experience as B2C, but with functionalities that support the processes they need to go through to place a B2B order. These processes are what make up

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B2B ecommerce Platform – Common Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

With such a rise in the B2B ecommerce market, merchants must be very careful not to fall behind their competition. You must stay organized, aware of the market trends, and aware of any obstacles which might keep you from success. Here are a few things to be aware of so that you don’t get held back by some of the most common challenges present in the B2B world. Something that merchants also forget the importance of is SEO. It is one of the most critical aspects of your eCommerce store because it is what will lead potential B2B buyers to your site in the first place. There are a few ways you can set yourself up for success from the start. For example, using the right keywords in your landing pages, appropriate use of HTML tags, including Meta content, using alt attribute for images, and more. Some B2B businesses keep their pages hidden in an attempt to hide themselves from snooping competition.  While this may sometimes be required, businesses who use this as a rule are making a very big

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B2B ecommerce Trends- What Merchants Need to Know

The B2B market is growing at a tremendous pace, with B2B online retail occupying a staggering $1 trillion market, expected to reach 12 million globally by 2020. Now it is more important than ever for B2B sellers to keep up with the quickly changing landscape. As with any task you want to succeed in, it’s important to educate yourself on the challenges ahead and what to do to overcome them. The competition is fierce, and you need to do something to set your brand apart from the others. These many other retailers out there are targeting the same audience of buyers that you are.  One way to do this is to observe the trends in today’s B2B world so that you can give buyers exactly what they’re looking for when they view your ecommerce site. Incorporating these trends into your B2B strategy will increase your competitive advantage and ultimately win the loyalty of B2B buyers looking for your product.  When it comes to user experience, B2B sellers are quickly developing a more clean and streamlined design for their sites. Many

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Adapting your b2b ecommerce software for the Rise of Smartphones

The world is changing more and more as technology continues to advance. The way people do things just isn’t the same as it was in the past, especially when it comes to sales. Ecommerce has taken over, and is becoming the more popular way to make a purchase. Due to the difference in speed and convenience, most people are likely to choose to make a purchase with the click of a button, rather than drive to a physical location and buy it. With the rise of smartphones, it’s not uncommon for someone to choose this device as their way of purchasing, over a desktop or laptop. 77% of people own a smartphone and most have it on them at all times. And businesses are making it more and more convenient for them to make that purchase via cell phone. The user experience of an online shopper is being taken into account by ecommerce professionals who know that clicking around a smaller screen can be an unpleasant experience if the proper attention is not given to an ecommerce website’s design.  Online

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Tips for your b2b ecommerce solution to Win B2B Buyers

If you are just starting off in the B2B space, you may be wondering how you should go about gaining a strong and loyal client base. It isn’t too different from attracting a B2C client, with some slight alterations unique to business transactions. The key to gaining customer loyalty is all in building a relationship based on trust. Your client wants to trust that they will be getting the products they were promised in the amount of time that was agreed upon. If you continue to provide reliability to your clients, they will trust you with their business needs. Any good relationship begins at the start- when you first attract your client to your brand. Marketing and content aside, if you are reaching out to a prospective client via cold calling or cold emailing, it’s best to do your research beforehand. An email or phone call conversation should be as personalized as possible, even from the first initiation. Check out the business’s websites or social media accounts. Determine what’s the best angle to take to present your brand to this

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Tips for a Successful B2B ecommerce strategy

Before you launch your new B2B site, there are some things you should do to make sure that your business takes off on the right foot. The first few months are crucial in determining the success of your brand in the B2B market, so starting off fully prepared is very important. Before launch, you want to make sure you understand the B2B market. Do your research on how it differs from B2C and read up on some of the trends in the market to stay ahead of your competition. Some of the main features which separate B2B ecommerce from B2C include:

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Tips to improve your b2b ecommerce website for consumers

The online experience for your B2B customer is something that will likely be a main factor in their determining whether or not to select you as the business they buy from. For this reason, it’s essential that you give your ecommerce site the attention it needs in order to succeed in gaining loyal and satisfied clients for your B2B business. Whether you are coming from a B2C background or are new to the ecommerce world in general, there are some key factors to be aware of to appeal to the B2B market. There are in fact some differences between B2B and B2C as well as certain ecommerce features needed for B2B business to be successful.

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