Address Validation Module

The Address Validation Module allows you to reduce the number of invalid addresses entered by your customers by suggesting the correct address for shipment. The correct address is automatically found using the United States Postal Service database, a free service integrated into the module via API key. Standardizing, sequencing, and tracking are examples of the services provided by the U.S. Postal Service to manage and increase the accuracy of their mailing addresses.

This module saves customer service time by not having to contact customers to get the correct address for shipment. The address validation module can be configured to suggest a correct address to customers, but still allow for check-out if the customer does not choose to use the suggested address. The module seamlessly blends into your cart template with a small amount of front-end development, appearing as a modal window to customers.


  • Validate the customer’s address automatically using the United States Postal Service address database.

  • Automatically suggest to customers to verify their address.

  • Automatically suggest to customers to correct their address.

  • Choose whether to allow checkout with unverified address or not.

  • Enter custom title and messaging to display on frontend when address validation fails.

  • Address validation works for customers’ orders placed on front end and for orders placed in Admin Panel.

  • Address validation not enforced for virtual products, downloadable products and e-gift cards.