The Add to Cart Module

The Add to Cart Module displays a modal window that confirms the item has successfully been placed in the cart. The modal displays on both category and product pages. With the "Add to Cart" popup window, customers can be confident that the quantity, size and item placed in the cart is the one they chose. When incorrect items are placed in the cart, it increases bounce rate upon check-out; customer behavior predicts they will simply remove the item, rather than press the back button to find the item again. This modal window ensures the custom stays on the category or search page they were on for continued purchases.

The text, images and content of the pop-up window can be customized in the Magento back-end. The theme and style of the modal window can be customized to match your Magento theme with a small amount of front-end development. Customers will experience a seamless style throughout the pop-up window process, and it is simple to click out of to avoid diminishing the customer experience.


  • The modal is displayed after adding a product to cart and includes:

  • Product Name

  • Product image

  • Success confirmation

  • “View Cart and Checkout” button and “Continue Shopping” button