4 MD Medical

4 MD Medical is a nation-wide distributor of medical equipment, supplies, EMS and laboratory equipment. They provide service to a wide variety of clients within, hospitals, laboratories, and healthcare facilities- as well as directly to consumers. 4 Md Medical struggled with the architecture and speed of their original website. Their growing product catalog was not efficiently supported, and they were stuck on a solution that was not able to scale to their continued success. In addition, the website had no functionalities for B2B eCommerce, which was very debilitating to a company with so much B2B and Business-to-Institution business.

With these challenges in mind, 4 MD Medical reached out to Web Solutions NYC. We provided a solution to them which included implementing a Request for Quote function for B2B wholesale, a full code audit for 4MD Medical, and a full clean up of every line of bad code within their original site. We made modernizations and optimizations to the site’s features in order to deliver a secure, excellent customer experience. We continue to provide continuous improvements and support to 4 MD Medical today- several years after the first project.

Features Provided as a Solution

  • Code Audit

  • Security Audit

  • B2B Optimizations

  • Full Server Migration

  • Performance Optimization

  • Customer Experience Improvements

  • Security Patches

  • Module Installations

  • Continuous Improvements

Check out our work here at https://www.4mdmedical.com/