1-800 Wheelchair

1-800-Wheelchair opened in 1998 with a clear mission - to fill a void in the mobility equipment market. The idea grew out of our founder's belief that mobility equipment users would benefit from online shopping. By 1999, the company had distribution centers in New York and Chicago, and quickly became a resource for customers across the country. In January of 2000, 1-800-wheelchair launched its website and became the first online medical supply company of its kind. Today, the company has access to inventory in over 25 warehouses around the country. Since its launch, the company has serviced over 100,000 customers.

Web Solutions NYC was able to configure the back-end work that 1-800-Wheelchair needed to properly support their extensive product catalog. Client rapport improved, and project deliverables came on time with less revision needed than the company’s previous partners. “Yitz and Web Solutions NYC saved the project. They were able to conceptualize what we needed and deliver on it in a timely, and accurate manner.” – Owner, 1-800-Wheelchair. We were also able to improve SEO on the site, which let the company reach a wider audience of potential consumers, and business customers. With the ability to submit Purchase Orders, support large custom orders, and an enhanced front-end interface; 1-800-Wheelchair can now expand further into business-to-business sales.

Features Provided as a Solution

  • Code Audit

  • Performance Optimization

  • Customer Experience Improvements

  • Security Patches

  • Module Installations

  • Continuous Improvements

  • B2B Optimization

  • SEO Optimization

Check out our work here at https://www.1800wheelchair.com/