Improve and optimize the current state of your online store by making the transition to the world’s greatest ecommerce platform. With Magento, you are the master of your website. You decide how your brand is portrayed through the careful planning of the designs and features which make up your ecommerce site. Together, we will architect and implement high level ideas to create what you see as your ultimate goal. A custom suite of services and solutions will be at your fingertips to be used as you see fit for your unique business.


Magento for B2B

The wave of companies entering the B2B space has been overwhelming- changing the game for online retailers everywhere. It is no longer the industry standard to provide your clients with only the option to make a purchase via a B2C channel. The bar has been set higher for online merchants as B2B buyers are coming into the online retail space expecting the same experience as B2C clients. The opportunities for growth are endless with this so many more businesses looking to enter the online market. The importance of having the capabilities to satisfy these clients on your ecommerce site is crucial.

Efficiency is key. Transactions should be smooth and uncomplicated for both buying and selling parties. With Magento, these processes become simple and automated which improves customer service and results in higher conversion rates.


Magento Migrations

Whether you’re making that transition over from Magento 1 to magento 2, or are currently on another ecommerce platform, you can count on us to get your data migrated and migrated right.

The decision to migrate to the Magento platform is often made when a merchant feels that their current platform is not satisfactory due to lack of features or lack of results. Magento is a top pick for merchants everywhere due to its highly customizable attributes and reputation for delivering success. Taking advantage of all that Magento has to offer will result in a lower TCO and higher ROI. Your website will be highly customized to display your business and provide easy navigation for an optimal user experience.

Magento for B2C

The ability to provide your customer with a seamless omnichannel experience is the key to repeated conversions. Shoppers are interacting with your business is different, non-predictable ways- which vary increasingly in today’s world of advanced technology. These avenues range from mobile devices, desktop computers, tablets, and any other selling channels available to them. These many ways that a customer is able to engage with your business should be synced and integrated to provide one single experience. This experience should incorporate and connect all elements of your brand.

Magento Audits

At Web Solutions NYC, we don’t skip steps on the road to success. This starts at the very beginning by auditing code for security, performance, quality and potential optimization points. Throughout this process, we will report on the following:

Review of Entire Magento Codebase and Core Code

  • Review of all added modules, widgets and extensions

  • Review of Server Performance and Function

  • Review of Security Patches and Upgrades

  • Review of Customizations

  • Review of server architecture and logs

  • Review of Front-end Work

  • Performance Review and Optimization Considerations

  • Review of Integrated Platforms


Magento Extensions

With a decade of experience in the Magento space, Web Solutions NYC developers have had their share of experience implementing third party extensions to Magento sites. Along with this experience comes the problems which arise when trying to connect a module to a platform it was not made for. With this in mind, we began developing our own set modules, made for Magento to integrate flawlessly with the platform. Each module provides you with a unique set of features and functionality, allowing you to accomplish things you never thought possible.


Magento Performance

As with all things constructed, a strong foundation is essential to peak performance. Here at Web Solutions NYC, we know exactly how to optimize the back end features to keep things running smoothly. This includes code audits and clean up, installation and management of modules, expanded payment methods/shopping cart enhancements, and seamless integrations with third party systems.


A strong back end is complimented by a beautifully designed front end. We pay careful notice to both design and content, as well as navigation and user experience. We analyze reporting and site metrics to ensure that the customer’s experience is optimal. Quality of performance is greatly determined by the speed of your site. Our excellent relationships with our third party partners allows us to easily connect and correct any errors within their end. And when it comes to the back end of your own site- we know exactly what to look for.

The services we provide to ensure peak performance include:

  • Site speed enhancement

  • Security patches, PCI Compliance, HIPAA Considerations

  • Server Monitoring, Migration and Upgrade via partner Nexcess

  • Cyber Attack Monitoring and Defense